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J. Kunderi 8a, Tallinn
+372 5860 2858

Robotics school 
iSmart Club


It is very important for us to create an amazing educational environment where children can aquire basic knowledge in different fields of engineering and programming through LEGO® Education Solutions and put this knowledge into practice.

Why us?

Perhaps, the children who are “playing” LEGO® with us today, in the future will become the specialists of high-tech industries, get professions related to machine learning or artificial intelligence, bio- and nanotechnology.

More about us and LEGO Learning

Students of our club regularly become winners and laureates of various regional and international competitions.

Our achievments
Our courses

What do we do?


We create and investigate robotics models made of LEGO® Simple Mechanisms, WeDo 2.0, Machines and Mechanisms, Mindstorms EV3; carry out the experiments.


We study structure and  principles of action of mechanisms, machines, constructions; we deal with many issues of mechanics, physics, computer science, architecture and design. 


We get acquainted with visual programming.


We have fun, find new friends, and work together.

We invite girls and boys to join our team and become the engineers of the future!